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QR Code

QR Codes are a type of 2D Barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone.

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NFC Tags

NFC tags are short for Near Field Communication tags. NFC tags store ...

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Dynamic Link

QR Code/NFC tag can be used to link your online content like videos, links, text, ...

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Real-Time Tracking

Metrics of QR Code scans/NF tags taps give back essential information of how ...

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ETD tag

Dynamic Link Management System

ETD tag provides a flexible platform 'Dynamic Link Management System' to create, manage QR Codes and track usage and campaigns through insightful analytics. QR Codes are 2d barcodes that can be scanned by your camera phone to provide an interactive mobile experience with the physical world. at the same time you can use NFC tags to get more taps to reach your campaign by a wide range of NFC mobiles around the world.

  • Our mission is to create advanced and flexible tools in the QR code and related mobile technology. Our technology is easy to integrate and provides convenience and speed in integrating with existing infrastructure. We recognize the importance of smart mobile phones in the modern era and are developing technology that enhances the mobile phone interactive experience.
  • Companies have long had trouble assessing the effectiveness of advertisements since response is not directly measurable. By leveraging ETD tag’s platform, companies can execute campaigns that publish QR Codes/NFC tags to track and measure advertising effectiveness. 

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QR (quick response) codes are a major marketing trend. You may have noticed the ubiquitous contrasting-color squares on items as diverse as ketchup bottles, movie posters and business cards. The codes can be scanned with a smartphone to direct users to online content.

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